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Why Pikinini Polygons (Metric Pattern Blocks)?

Standard Pattern Blocks               

It was Plato who first referred to necessity as the mother of invention. That was in 360 BC, over 2000 years ago!

Not quite that long ago, Steve Lewis and Rod Cameron were discussing the use of the pattern blocks that exist in Australian schools. Did you know they are non-metric? In fact, apart from the trapezium, which has three 1-inch sides and one 2-inch side, all other blocks have 1-inch sides!

Steve and Rod were discussing the value of regular polygons, not just in relation to shape, space, symmetry and tessellation, but  also in relation to general rules relating to measurement - length, area and volume. Did you know that, for all regular polygons, the perimeter can be calculated by measuring one side, then multiplying this by the number of sides of the polygon?

This is when the mother of invention intervened.

Metric Pattern Blocks