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During the latter half of his 38 years in education, Rod has played a significant role in shaping maths education, through his work coaching in Australia and New York, a 6-year stint lecturing student teachers in Maths and English at Monash University, his authorship of nearly 50 mathematics resource books, and his long history of educating both child and adult learners.

Like Steve, his empathy with the learner, and understanding of how to 'switch learners on' through high interest learning, high expectations, and a genuine love of supporting the learner, has resulted in a  reputation across the world for high quality Maths learning.



It was as a result of developing maths resources for Pearson Education in PNG that Rod began designing plastic products to support the integration of number and number patterns with shapes, measurement and algebra, with an emphasis on the explicit use of mathematical terms in English. 

Rod's PNG resources to date are the Laikim Maths program (grades 3 to 5) and the Tingting Maths program (grades 6 to 8). Rod is currently writing the elementray Maths program for PNG (prep to 2), and has developed the metric polygons and templates to support this.