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Hundred Percent offers packs of labelled metric pattern blocks (3cm units) containing 15 sets of 8 blocks (120 blocks) and matching 1:1 pattern block templates (Pikinini Template). Hundred Percent metric pattern blocks contain 2 important shapes not included with standard, 1-inch blocks - the right isosceles triangle and the 45-degree rhombus, and the 1:1 Template allows full representation of patterns and designs created using the pattern blocks.


The Laikim Template allows for partial representation of the pattern blocks (2cm side units) and were designed for use by middle primary students. The Tingting template, with its 1.5cm side units, was designed for upper primary levels.



        Metric pattern blocks                 1:1 Template                    Laikim Template                   Tingting Template

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           All prices negotiable... email: pfiveb@dcsi.net.au