Laikim Polygons Template    

The Laikim Polygons template was designed for middle primary school as the second measurement and representational tool in a series of three. The templates were developed as support materials for the 100% International metric pattern blocks (+). Each template:

        is a measurement tool for all students

        is metric, and allows for 2:3 representations of the pattern blocks (2cm:3cm)

        is a significant piece in the series of concrete and representation materials that aim to support learners and teachers move seamlessly from fully concrete/manipulative, through full representational to partial representational and beyond to abstract/ algebraic thinking

        allows for accurate measurement, creation, tessellation and exploration of shape, angle, length area and volume at upper primary level

        is a necessary tool for use with the 100% Mathematics activities designed for home and school

        is engaging and a strong motivational tool.

Parents and teachers will love it too!

Product code: HPLM-003

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