The Mad, Mad, Mad, Maths Classroom


Expression of Interest               

The creation of Rod Cameron's Mad, Mad, Mad Maths Classroom was based on these key beliefs:

MAD 1: Mums and Dads


  • Mum and Dads are best placed to help their children learn at home. Children naturally      wish to please their parents, and allow          parents to have a positive influence on them.

  • Mums and dads have been teaching their     children since they were born. (You probably  taught them to swear!) Your kids most likely want to learn from you, and enjoy your positive influence.

  • Parents often underestimate their place as a significant teacher of their child (since birth). They underestimate their power as teacher, the power of their positive ambitions for the child, and the power of the child’s strong desire to please them.


MAD 2: Motivation and Direction

The highest quality learning can only happen when high motivation is a key.

Parents are naturally highly motivated about their child's learning. Are you excited at the prospect of using your own motivation to build motivation in your child (as home learner). Do you recognise the main elements of motivation are high expectations, and high value? Do you trust that, with direction from an expert teaching  coach, you can combine motivation and targeted curriculum activities (direction) to raise expectations and value for yourself and your child?

As a teaching coach for parents, Rod Cameron will teach you how simple it is to deliberately factor in motivation to ensure  high quality learning at home.

As an experienced writer and designer of targeted maths curricula, Rod can provide parents with simple direction that ensures the maths learning is exceptional, while creating individualised specific learning tasks to match your child's exact needs.


MAD 3: Multiplication and Division

Rod Cameron has spent the past 20 years helping schools and children learn multiplication number facts,  and how to use multiplicative thinking for the teaching and learning of algebra and problem solving.

As a "world expert", Rod spent recent years helping develop New York's "Algebra for All' initiative.

The Mad, Mad, Mad, Maths Classroom provides the opportunity for you, the parent, parents to work with a world teaching expert to assist your child with a proven, targeted approach to strengthen number sense, counting skills, mental maths and multiplication tables, linked to higher order maths concepts of problem solving in the real world, multiplication and  division linked to fractions, decimals and percent,  geometry, measurement and algebra?

Are you excited at the prospect of building your capacity to help build your child’s capacity in maths?





Rod Cameron: At home and dangerous

Rod Cameron was, until recently, coaching teachers and teaching maths in a Gippsland secondary college.

Rod spent Term 2, 2020, teaching students at home. An important element of this was helping parents communicate learning tasks positively to their children.

What Rod discovered was how powerful the relationship is. Parents are perfectly placed to assist students learn, and students are happy ... eager even, to allow their mum or dad to teach them.

Rod is currently at home and dangerous. His mad maths classroom is designed for a small number of parents to be coached to strengthen the "parent as teacher" process, using telephone, email, and Rod's individual maths programs.



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