Metric Pattern Blocks (+)     


Hundred Percent Metric Pattern Blocks (+) were designed to replace the non-metric standard pattern blocks found in schools today.

Standard pattern blocks have 1-inch sides, and cannot be used in teaching and learning situations that connect real metric measurement with shape and space, geometry and algebra in the formative years

What makes these blocks special is that they are labelled in English, they are metric (3cm side units), they have two new shapes, and they are supported by three special templates - the Pikinini Polygons, Laikim Polygons and Tingting Polygons templates.

Each bucket comes with fifteen of each shape - equilateral triangle, right isosceles triangle, square, 30 rhombus, 45 rhombus, 60 rhombus, trapezium and hexagon.

Labelled metric pattern blocks are the most important elementary classroom materials available today.

The 100% Mathematics activities can be done by students of all ages using the Hundred Percent Metric Pattern Blocks (+).

Product code: HPLM-001

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