About Us

In 2012, Steve Lewis and Rod Cameron decided to act on their long-time frustration of the limitations of standard pattern blocks in delivering holistic learning of mathematics by linking number, shapes, measurement, patterns and algebraic thinking.

This frustration stemmed from 3 main elements of standard pattern blocks:

  • Standard pattern blocks are in inches.

  • Standard pattern blocks do not have 45 shapes (45 rhombus and right isosceles triangle).

  • At elementary level, there are no concrete materials that assist teachers and learners in the move from fully manipulative to 1:1 full representations of shapes, patterns and measurement.

Steve and Rod undertook to create new concrete resources to overcome these limitations, along with free access to copyrighted online learning resources of the  highest quality to support Maths learning at school, at home, or both.

Who is Steve Lewis?                               Who is Rod Cameron?